Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Holla back

It looks as if Lalas is determined to get more headlines than Beckham.

Now, there's no denying that he's been selectively edited, as the fuller version of his interview reveals.

I'd have to agree with his argument that La Liga is probably superior to the Premiership, but actually, I'd argue that even that is subjective. I like La Liga better, I have to say, but the EPL has its own style that a lot of people enjoy more.

I definitely agree that the disparity between the top and bottom end of English football is something of a cruel joke, but I also recognize that I see that through American eyes. We want championships. The idea that it's really only likely for perhaps only three, maybe five teams every year is anathema to those from the U.S.

Lalas likes to talk and wow, is Beckham inadvertently giving him a huge platform.

No, he's not the best spokesman for MLS and U.S. soccer, Lalas, but neither was he ever the best defender or musician. He was memorable, though, and sometimes, just on occasion, like on his header versus England long ago, he is gutsy enough to get it right.

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Crewcat said...

You correctly note that Lalas is not exactly the best spokesperson for MLS, but at what point is it Don Garber's duty to step in and request that Alexi tone it down and act like a professional GM for once? To your knowledge has Garber ever tried to do so?

A.C. said...

Not to my knowledge, but I don't see Garber conferencing me in during any chiding of Lalas. But even the things Lalas gets wrong are matters of opinion, and while those might shake up or infuriate a few thin-skinned people, I don't see the ultimate harm. Basically, if Lalas is so wrong (which he can be), it's easy to dismiss his view; otherwise it actually gives more credence to it to get upset about it.

Anonymous said...

Lalas says a lot of stupid things, but he's a showman more than a GM. Lalas might have made those comments just to rile people up, which can be seen as funny, but his comments also continue the perception that Americans don't know anything about soccer. So it's a double-edged sword.

glyco said...

Sounds like those brit pundits got the best of him...They created a unmeasured response in Lalas...Brace your self for the ride.