Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wednesday pick

Canada gets a warm welcome into the world of the MLS calendar as Toronto FC and the Canadian national team will kick off at precisely the same time tonight. Shame, really. I'd probably be more tempted to watch the MLS game actually; it seems like a good matchup (gosh, can't believe I'm calling Toronto versus anybody a good matchup) but then again it is the Gold Cup opener. I might have to watch the one on my laptop and the other on TV... yeah, that'll last about 30 seconds before my 20-month-old tries to climb on my lap...

Anyway, here is our Wednesday MLS pick

Toronto FC 2, New York 2


Toronto FC 1, New York 2

And for no extra charge, we'll throw in some Gold Cup picks as well (these won't count to our regular MLS season totals; we just want to show off our brainpower, or lack thereof).

Costa Rica 2, Canada 1
Guadeloupe 1, Haiti 0


Canada 2, Costa Rica 2
Guadeloupe 1, Haiti 2

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