Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday pick

Let's sneak this one in here:

Chivas USA 1, Houston 0


Chivas USA 2, Houston 2


glyconerd said...

You win some, you get ownd some.

L.B. said...

The worst part is that I had a feature I was going to write on Shavar Thomas. I talked to him last week but hadn't written it and was waiting to write it for next week. Now, after his red card, no way I'm writing it.

Damn it, Shavar...

A.C. said...

Oh, well, it was nice to see Brad Davis, who was previously knocking on the national team door, get back on track in a big way. But sheesh, just after we both praise the D of Chivas USA in our respective Power Rankings, they get pasted like this.