Thursday, June 7, 2007

Stupid technology

I had a great Frankie Hejduk piece just about ready to go for my Soccer365 column this week. I had all these good quotes from Bob Bradley about Frankie's fighting spirit, and Frankie's own comments on his competitive nature.

Anyway, I also have a new laptop, because my old one was giving up the ghost, with all sorts of problems. But now I miss it. This one has Vista, and it's not proving compatible with the Office version I have, or maybe I downloaded a virus accidentally or something. I'm not that computer-aware, I'll confess.

All I know is that everything locked up and I couldn't access any files and finally had to reload the operating system to get it going again.

I hadn't backed up any transcriptions of my recent interviews on my flash drive yet, though I'd already deleted the recordings. Now the article is gone, the transcription is gone, the only thing left is a couple of clips on US Soccer's video page, where I'm interviewing Frankie.



Gene said...

Andrea, I feel your pain. I work from home, too, with my own back-up system, so losing data is my perennial nightmare.

George, Fritz & Bostrom said...

sorry, don't want to sound like Macs never have problems, but they really don't. give it a thought nex time!