Sunday, June 3, 2007

Seen and heard

At the Galaxy/DC match

In the pressbox:

"Nate Jaqua has the touch of a baby elephant!"

"That's insulting - to the baby elephant."

"How did Donovan miss that?"

"It's contagious! He's got Jaquaitis. Run, save yourself."

A sign hanging from the Riot Squad section of the stands commented on the Galaxy's injury situation.

"Will Play For Beer"

On the concourse, Kinky's lead singer Gil Cerezo to the crowd at the pre-game concert.

"Thank you, LA! This next song will be our last, (Ulises Lozano, the keyboardist, leans towards Cerezo's ear and says something, I'm guessing about the time), well, actually, that was our last song, I guess. Thanks everyone."

In the DC locker room, postgame

Landon had a couple of chances that he usually buries. That’s just a crapshoot. He’s usually putting those in the net. So we’re fortunate that the ball bounced up on him a couple of times. They had the kind of opportunities that a team, on a good night, would beat us 2-0."

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