Friday, June 22, 2007

Not impressed

My colleague Grant Wahl ain't exactly overwhelmed by the United States' performance.

He slammed the officiating, not just for Thursday's game but in the tournament overall. Canada was robbed of a late equalizer against the U.S. and you hate to have that sort of controversy linger. Like Grant says, it's not that there's a conspiracy for refs to get the US and Mexico to the final, but when you have that close out the game and Costa Rica receive three red cards and other issues regarding the referees, it leaves the door open for such criticism.


Anonymous said...

I think Grant is just a little too harsh in his critique. Admittedly, Canada was robbed. The game should have gone into extra time. But to say that the US has benefitted from calls throughout the tournament...I think not. The Cuban linesman comes to mind; some of the horrendous hacks the US has suffered going unpunished; deliberate handballs not being called.

Plus Grant saying Donovan whiffed on a picture perfect pass. I think not again. Yes, Donovan whiffed, embarrassingly, but that was not picture perfect - definitely not the type of pass that LD usually gives out. That pass was coming hard and fast, took him to an incredible angle, he's running at top speed - but yeah, should not have whiffed it. Embarrassing, but a more difficult shot than Grant would have people believe.

DanR said...

I think the US will have its hands full and the centerback combination of Bocanegra and Gooch looks suspect. They lose positioning and shape too easily and that is what led to the two goals in the last two games. Bornstein is a bit green in the International game and the loss of Hedjuk in my opinion is huge.

Anonymous said...

Blah. Blah. Blah.