Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I didn't make it out to USMNT training today. I have a personal matter to attend to. As such, I have no current pictures of the camp and the players and how the day went or anything like that.

Andrea is out there today and, like you, I will be waiting for updates on the camp. I'll have to check on my cell phone over the next few hours to see if she found time to post some thoughts and hopefully pictures.

In the meantime, I put up some pictures from last week that I hadn't used but had intended on using. They're somewhat meaningful. I'm writing a story on Jonathan Bornstein for MLSnet.com that will hopefully run on Thursday. Also, I'm planning on writing a feature on DaMarcus Beasley as well later in the week for someone; haven't decided yet for which outlet.

Tomorrow we'll hit the camp hard and heavy and post as many pictures and tidbits as possible. I fear, however, that most of the training session will be closed since it will be the day before the match so we'll do what we can. But rest assured we'll have stuff on here.

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Anonymous said...

is gooch a beast or what? beasley and bornstein have the same body structure type thingy going on. they both carry their heads the same when they run, seriously check them out next time.