Thursday, June 7, 2007

Intergalactic riddle

Four Galaxy players (well, that's a slight stretch) were involved (another stretch) in the Canada-Costa Rica contest, but only two were on the field for the winning goal, while two did nothing to prevent it.

Come on, this one's pretty easy. Name the players and explain the riddle.


Anonymous said...

CRC: Michael Umana, Pablo Chinchilla
CAN: Ante Jazic, Kevin Harmse

A.C. said...

AJ and KH were on the field when CAN scored to win, MU and PC, former Galaxy players, never got off the bench for CR.

L.B. said...

Pablo Chinchilla was decent in his time here in LA. He filled a valuable role in the playoffs when Tyrone Marshall was suspended for the first playoff game against San Jose.

The Galaxy could use him right now... well, actually, if they had him, he'd be gone...

Umana, though, was crap.