Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Conspicuous by his absence

After I fueled up on the buffet at the Drew Carey fundraiser to benefit the Myernick fund, I wandered around taking lots of pictures. I got a few looks - I think mostly because the pro photogs have much bigger cameras than I do, but most everyone was accommodating and pleasant.

Then I spotted Abby Wambach talking to Peter Nowak and snapped a pic of the two of them.

As I walked away, Peter called me back.
"Hey you! What you take that picture for?"

Trying to make a joke of it, I told him I was really photographing Abby, mainly.
He asked to see the shot, then told me to crop him out of it. I'm not sure whether he was kidding, so I actually did. Just imagine him there next to her, slightly shorter.


L.B. said...

What a punk.

homeinkabul said...

It really could be his background. Many friends from post Soviet/Communist countries get weirdly freaked out by pictures by strangers.

I don't know him or anything but that is the first thing that popped in my head. I wouldn't take it personally.

EdTheRed said...

Better to be careful, or Piotr might "send you to hospital..." ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he was just joking. Don't take it personally.

Anonymous said...

he sounds like a anal retentive,type-A personality, control-freak!!! perfect for coaching!!! ;)