Sunday, June 17, 2007

Boli Mountain High

Bolivia's president is a soccer player and primed to protest FIFA's altitude ban.

Personally, I'd love to break Bush's nose and say I was only going for the ball. But it makes sense that he doesn't have the good taste to follow soccer.


Anonymous said...

Seriously - your comment about breaking Bush's nose is in poor taste. Thought you were a soccer writer, not a brainless robot like most of the media. Love him or hate him - please leave the political editorials for the regular hacks and keep this blog focused on futbol.

Guy Gayle said...

Dear anonymous,

This is a blog, and she can write whatever she wants whether or not you or I agree with her. Debate her in the comments, but it's in even poorer taste to try and tell her what she should or shouldn't write.

Guy Gayle

A.C. said...

Trust me, people disagree with my opinion all the time, whether it's about soccer or anything else, but in my mind, my fantasy of inflicting a little harm on someone I personally think has done great harm is not much different than Luis' amorous thoughts about Shakira. Neither is going to happen. Neither has much to do with the main topic of this blog, but it's our blog, and this is the stuff we think about.

You're always free to disagree. Not everyone likes Shakira.