Tuesday, February 13, 2007

You read us!

You really read us!

Got a nice (extremely nice, considering I'd been a bit snarky in my earlier post) email from NPR's Jane Lindholm today. Besides being gracious and changing the photo caption to Tim Hanley, she passed along a heads up that NPR is running a slightly updated version of her Marketplace piece about the Galaxy tryouts, this time including more information about the other LA club, Chivas USA and its reality show open tryouts, SueƱoMLS, this Friday.

It's going to be an even bigger deal than the Galaxy tryouts in many ways, partly because they have more than twice as many participants, 2,000. Jane's brother David is going to be one of them.

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Sally said...

I'm a Chivas USA fan, and this bit of news made me really happy. I sometimes feel that Chivas USA gets swept under the shadow of the Galaxy especially since they share the same stadium, and Chivas USA news is hard to come by. What with their website updated so infrequently, and their show "Somos Chivas USA," not in play until the start of the season, I must say that anything you and Luis dish out, I'm all over it. I love it, (I sound like a crazed journo-groupie).
You guys are the best! Thank you for constantly updating and maintaing your blog! This reader truly appreciates it!
-Long Tall Sally S.F Valley