Sunday, February 25, 2007

No 'Tin

Agustin Delgado was all set to join Major League Soccer. As a designated player for New York, Delgado was surely going to make noise in this league. He had had success for many years in Mexico and will forever be a hero for Necaxa. Last summer, he was twice named Man of the Match at the World Cup as Ecuador was a revelation in reaching the second round. Tin is a star player, through and through, and he could have gone down as one of the greatest Red Bull/Metros forward ever.

Sadly, he will not be joining MLS or any other club this year. He was part of a huge brawl in Ecuador last year and was suspended for a year. Still, the Red Bulls thought they could get the ban lifted. But they couldn't. FIFA said no, and now the Red Bulls will miss out on a strong forward and MLS will lack a star player.

I've always liked watching Delgado play. He's a monster up front and has a knack for scoring goals. He played for Southampton for a brief spell, I believe, and I was looking forward to seeing him succeed in England but he didn't do enough to establish himself and returned to the New World.

Aside from scoring in the 2006 World Cup, he also found the back of the net in 2002 against Mexico.

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