Friday, February 23, 2007

Say it ain't so, Jonny

&$%!*# crap.

Jonny's out with a knee injury. I don't think it will hurt his chances for Gold Cup/Copa America but still...


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Sally from the S.F. Valley said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I read he's out for six weeks! That means he'll be missing the next men's nats game. I also read somewhere Convey was injured too with the same thing? I expect Jonny B. to make a speedy recovery, he's in real good shape, what with all the training he's been doing lately, (men's nats, chivas). I'm sure if you ask him about it, he would be optimistic about the whole ordeal because that's all someone in his place can be right now is optimistic, so I will be bummed out for him. :( Luis do you think he will make it back by the season opener? How have other players recovered who experienced the same thing? Can you refer me to some of their stories? Do you have stats on them? Do they come back forever changed? Does it make that much of a difference on their game? I got used to seeing Jonny B. always going the full 90mins. Will that change when he comes back? You have access to the physical therapists at the HDC don't you? Go ask them how bad is it really? I know it's not as bad as an acl tear, so there is hope for a full recovery, right??? Please keep us updated on his recovery, and if you see him, tell him I said "Get well soon, Jonny boy." Thanks.
Long Tall Sally