Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Becks in?

David Beckham - almost back where he belongs?

After playing well against Bayern Munich, Becks could be eyeing a return to play for England.

Perhaps we could start a poll, or maybe people will just share their thoughts in the comments.

1) Should Steve McClaren call up David Beckham?

2) Will he?

3) What odds would you place (gamblers unite) on Beckham playing for England while a member of the Los Angeles Galaxy?


Anonymous said...

Depending on how Beckham ends his tenure at Real Madrid, it may not be surprising to see him called up while in LA. Will it be often? Unlikely. Lothar Matthäus, Miklos Molnar, Roberto Donadoni all played in the European Championship, while in MLS. Of course, they were fixtures for their respective countries before heading stateside. Therefore, Becks has to get back into the England squad before July.

Toddzilla said...

Here's what I'd love to see in a year - Beckham talking about how playing in MLS has revitalized him and fueled his recent success on the national team. It would be hilarious to see some of the international press try to rationalize that one.

L.B. said...

1. Yes

2. Yes (I realize I'm probably in the minority who feels this way)

3. 12-1