Monday, February 26, 2007

Mad about Marsch

I've got to admit, Jesse Marsch is a cool character. I really became fond of Marsch last year. Before then, I had never interviewed him (as far as I can remember) and didn't know too much about him. But man, the guy has character and charm and charisma. He just gets it. He's a perfect teammate and a straight shooter as well. He doesn't throw guys under the bus but he speaks the truth; it's difficult to balance the two.

Word is, Jesse can do a spot-on Bob Bradley impersonation. I haven't been lucky enough to hear it but if and when I do, I'll pass along that info to you all.

Of all the guys who have played in each of the 12 MLS seasons, I think Marsch has the best bet to last the longest. The guy is in incredible shape and could pass for someone in his mid-20s. I don't know too much about his final days in Chicago - the two sides did not part on the best of terms - but I'm glad he ended up with Chivas USA and got the chance to get to know him.

I echo Andrea's feelings about Jesse being a great future MLS coach. Hell, I would have supported him for Chivas USA player-coach.


Matt said...

It was this game:
Dave Sarachan took him out, and Marsch looked like the most pissed off person on the planet at that moment.

I tried to pull of video highlights of the game on, but the archive isn't working or something. I'll see if I can find it.

L.B. said...

Cool. Thanks. That'd be some great info to have.

Matt said...

Still can't get the video to play, but I did find these comments from Fire fans at the time of the sub:



It would be interesting to get Jesse's feelings on his departure from Chicago. But being the stand up guy he is, I'm sure he would have one nice things to say about Sarachan.