Monday, February 19, 2007

Top 10 US wins

As part of my Press-Enterprise column, I usually try to have a Top 10 list accompanying the story. For instance, I wrote about Copa America for tomorrow and how the U.S. needs to compete in more tournaments like Copa America.

So for the Top 10 list, I tried to come up with 10 U.S. wins over South American nations. I got to about 1995 and realized that the U.S. didn't have 10 wins over South American nations, at least not all in meaningful games. I tend to avoid friendlies in those kinds of lists. (*I limited the list to USMNT games, not Olympic games or U-20 or anything like that)

So I included a draw and three friendlies and I rounded out the list.

It's a shame really that the U.S. has not played against South American teams more often than it has.

As far as my list, well, you'll have to wait for tomorrow for that. But I'll take any guesses on the wins. Really, it's not that hard to come up with three right off the bat.

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