Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Game at the Q

I'm getting ready to head south on the I-15 for the soccer game. Uh, no, not Mexico-Venezuela. I've got to get out to Temecula Valley-Thousand Oaks. Yeah, not quite as exciting but it won't be near as nerve-wracking or as much a logistical headache as Wednesday's friendly.

SUM announced that they've already sold close to 50,000 tickets for the game. Damn. That's like a lot of people. Wow. I was planning on leaving Riverside at about 3 p.m. but now I think I should leave earlier, unless I want to sit in traffic and miss the first 20 minutes of the game.

I was excited to go to the US-Mexico game in Arizona and, aside from the rivalry and all that, I was looking forward to going to the new stadium and did not anticipate any problems. I am not having the same feeling about Wednesday's game. I guess I don't do well when I'm going into unfamiliar territory. For instance, I tend to leave two hours before the start of a game at Home Depot Center. If it's a big game, like a Gold Cup game (which there will be two dates in June there) I give myself more time. I know that stadium fairly well and know how to avoid the traffic (I just stay away from Avalon and go in off Victoria coming down from Central).

I guess my best bet is to get there early. Hey, maybe I can take a 12-pack of Tecates and... nah.

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