Sunday, February 18, 2007

90s rock

So there's this new channel on Sirius. It totally rules... or wait, I'm on the net. It PWNZ.

Anyway, it's 90s Alternative. Holy hell. How great is that?!? I heard Alice in Chains, Offspring, sat through a Cranberries song and now Soundgarden is on. Kick ass.

(okay, now tie this in to soccer...)

Well, this Soundgarden song, Burden in my Hand, reminds me of the late 1990s when MLS wasn't getting covered that well...

No, but seriously, that Alice in Chains song, No Excuses, was big back before my writing days started. Well, it was big before then but I didn't get into them until way later. I didn't actually attend an MLS game until the first game that I covered, a DC United-Galaxy game at the Rose Bowl in 1998. I think it was 1-0 to United.

1998 Galaxy... now there's something worth flashing back to, well, except for the playoff loss.

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