Sunday, February 11, 2007

On Claudio

After I had had a few days to digest the fallout from the United States' 2-0 win over Mexico, I wanted more information. I wanted to understand why the Mexican players and coaches were so unwilling to give the U.S. respect or credit or even a handshake.

So I figured, who better to talk about the mentality of the Mexicans than the man who has worn the Mexican national team jersey more than anybody else ever.

I spent a long time chatting with Claudio Suarez on Saturday down in the bowels of Home Depot Center. He said many, many interesting things but I won't share those now. I have stories for The Press-Enterprise, to write.

But I will share this little nugget here. When I asked him about Mexico losing to a young squad, one of the responses he gave was this:

"They’re young but really I know them very well and they aren’t that young. A lot of these guys are important players within the league who have done well for themselves. Perhaps Mexico erred there as well by not having scouted those players well enough."

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