Monday, February 12, 2007


Sometime between Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday evening - or so the legend goes - Nery Castillo's ankle gave way. Castillo made the trek from Greece where he defends Olympiakos Piraeus's colors to Glendale, Arizona, to meet up with the Mexican national team despite a gimpy ankle.

The brave and heralded Castillo, native son of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, had been called in to El Tri by the equally brave and valiant Hugo Sanchez, who had somehow convinced Castillo to shun Greece and Uruguay for a chance to play for El Mighty Tri, El Gigantisisimo De La Region.

But the ankle was a concern and gave way. Castillo thus did not so much appear on the substitute's bench for El Tri's game against the U.S. and the Americans won 2-0.

Everybody scratched their heads. Had not the valiant Sanchez convinced the young Castillo to play for El Tri? Was the ankle in really bad shape? Did the evildoers from Greece and Uruguay make a final monetary bid to win over the young Castillo?

Castillo thus was sent on his way back to Greece, where medical wonders happen daily. Castillo's ankle, too bothersome to let him even appear as a substitute for El Tri, was healthy enough to allow Castillo the opportunity to play for Olympiakos.

Castillo, native son of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, even scored a goal - or a
ΓΚΟΛ as it were - in the 71st minute on Saturday. Castillo played 79 minutes in all for Olympiakos and the brave and valiant Sanchez was left to wonder the young Castillo's fate.


A.C. said...

As rosy-fingered Dawn spread across the sky, Hugo woke and realized,"Dude, I've been duped."

Jimmy Lozano, by contrast, didn't make the bench for Tigres. But who knows? Ankle sprains are tricky.

L.B. said...

Here's a picture of the brave Sanchez leading those who want to defend El Mighty Tri's colors charging into battle.

L.B. said...