Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All Apologies

"Are you mad at me?" was the first thing Landon Donovan said when he saw me yesterday.

I took a look over my shoulder, then realized, yes, he meant me. Then it took me another second to understand that he was referring to the US-Mexico match mixed zone, when he didn't have time to answer my questions.

But it took barely a half-second for me to decide to milk it. I shrugged.

"They were pulling me away," Landon tried to explain. "Why weren't you over by the other reporters?"

"I drove all the way to Arizona," I told him, conveniently leaving out the part where Luis actually drove and I surfed the Internet with the Bl(cr)ackberry.

Landon nodded. "That's a long way."

Since he was already feeling guilty, I asked a long list of questions, until the Galaxy press officer came to his rescue, pointing out that Landon hadn't yet had lunch.

Anyway, in the spirit of peace and forgiveness, here's a pic of the newlyweds. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Milk it? That's sneaky...but then again you're a reporter!

Anything interesting he said? Or will I have to wait for an article?

A.C. said...

Well, I did give a little tidbit in an earlier post, but yeah, gonna have to wait for the article from the sneak.