Sunday, November 11, 2007

Traitorous Lance?

Today the Galaxy are playing the Minnesota Thunder - well, the Thunder and a few guest players - in an exhibition match.
What I found interesting when perusing the roster for the match was that a certain Lance Friesz was on the Thunder's list.
That's right - the Galaxy's third-string goalkeeper.
I don't know if the Thunder found themselves short a backup keeper and Lance is filling in, or if he's already been released from the Galaxy. Friesz played in goal during the team's match versus Hollywood United.


Laurie said...

Interesting. I was at the Vancouver game and am fairly certain he helped Cronin warm up before second half.

diane said...

I'm so confused about these matches, exhibition?, copa copa?, home team players amassed from where--could Beasley have flown in from Fulham, for example? penalties immediately following regulation time (should I have heard of that before, and know when it occurs, btw?).

Not complaining, just a little foggy. Fun listening to match as if on radio--I'm ancient--but it's more fun to read your running commenatery A.C!

The Hammer said...

He was really bad at the HUFC game, wouldn't really be surprised if he was dropped. Cronin is quite talented.

A.C. said...

I'm guessing that Friesz was probably helping out the Thunder - this match was rescheduled from its original date and that's probably why so many guest players were involved as well.

Friesz didn't get off the bench, so he never had to face his Galaxy teammates.

Anyway, the match tied 1-1 in regulation. Edson Buddle scored for the Galaxy off a David Beckham assist. Sebastian LeToux of the USL champions Sounders scored for the Thunder team. Steve Cronin went the distance in goal for the Galaxy and saved three PK's in the shootout after regulation.

Zathras said...

Friesz was just helping out the Thunder. The Thunder #1 job was taken over by Nic Platter halfway through this season, and the old number one, Joe Warren retired at the end of the year, so the Thunder were short a GK.