Sunday, November 25, 2007


And here are the results from our neck of the woods, well, at least for many of us.

Group 1A
Dominica v Barbados
United States v Winner

Group 1B
Turks and Caicos Islands v Saint Lucia
Guatemala v Winner

Group 1C
Bermuda v Cayman Islands
Trinidad and Tobago v Winner

Group 1D
Aruba v Antigua and Barbuda
Winner v Cuba

Group 2A
Belize v Saint Kitts and Nevis
Winner v Mexico

Group 2B
Bahamas v British Virgin Islands
Jamaica v Winner

Group 2C
Dominican Republic v Puerto Rico
Honduras v Winner

Group 2D
Canada v Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Group 3A
US Virgin Islands v Grenada
Winner v Costa Rica

Group 3B
Suriname v Montserrat
Winner v Guyana

Group 3C
El Salvador v Anguilla
Panama v Winner

Group 3D
Nicaragua v Netherlands Antilles
Haiti v Winner

The US could send a third-string side and still beat Barbados or Dominica. Ditto for Mexico and Belize but St. Kitts actually put up a fight the last time they met in qualifying (in 2004) so they'll need at least a couple of first-teamers.

So if form holds, these will be the following groups for the semifinal phase:

United States
Trinidad & Tobago


Costa Rica

The US would have an easier go at it than Mexico. Honduras and Jamaica, those aren't exactly walkover wins.


Michael said...

Man, did Costa Rica get off easy when they drew the groups. The imbalance also means that we have a pretty good chance of seeing the exact same set of teams make it to the World Cup, thanks to one of the Hex spots taken up by a weaker team.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, Mexico has a tough draw. Jamaica seems to actually be playing better since they sacked Bora, but they're traditionally terrible playing away from home. Honduras though can be a Jekell and Hyde team, they might be great one game and horrible the next. Canada can be the same, but they have difference makers in De Rosario and De Guzman. I see Mexico and Canada coming out of this group.

Jaime Cárdenas said...

My predictions:

US, Guatemala
Mexico, Honduras
Costa Rica and...does it really matter?

Kevin said...

I'll say USA, Trinidad, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Beax Speax said...

Mexico has a tough draw?'s CONCACAF!

East River said...

Man I'm really looking forward to DR vs. PR, talk about quality football:-)!!! I think about 20 people actually play soccer in the DR...LOL.

Anonymous said...

Dominican Republic vs. Puerto Rico is gonna be great :) It's actually one of the oldest baseball rivalries in the world... let's see it carried into football!

Now, whoever wins is dead. They have to get through the up-and-coming Honduras team, and if that, by some miracle, happens, then they face the group of death of Mexico, Canada, and Jamaica (most likely)...

Si se puede *ahem*!