Saturday, November 24, 2007

Getting it

The Galaxy are off in Australia now, where new coach Ruud Gullit has a chance to see his players in action. They, in turn, have the opportunity to work with their new coach and learn from him.

I asked Chris Albright before he left for the trip about what made ex-players effective coaches.

"They get it," Chris explained. "They just get it. I can’t explain it to you guys, because you don’t get it. To be fair, I don’t get reporting. They understand the experiences [of players]."

Just as I was thinking that there wasn't that much to understand about reporting, since we're really not that complicated, Billy Witz chimed in.

"We make it up," he told Chris.

Chris nodded.

"I know man. They fabricate."


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I guess Chris forgot to take reading lessons for all those months he was out with his torn hamstring...

Say what you will about Beckham. At least he has intensity and passion, misplaced though it might be sometimes (two games on two continents within 24 hours). Maybe Notbright can learn something...

A.C. said...

Joe, Chris was kidding.

FC Uptown said...

Will this game be televised here in the states or available online?