Friday, November 30, 2007

Bummer for Bease

DaMarcus Beasley is done for the year. After hurting his knee in a Champions League match on Tuesday, Beasley will have surgery and will likely miss the remainder of the SPL season.

How does this affect his standing on the USMNT? In the first half of next year, Beasley probably won't play any role on it. He'll miss the Mexico game on Feb. 6 and whatever other friendlies the US schedules afterward. He could be healthy by the June qualifiers, though the US won't need him to get past Barbados/Dominica. He should be healthy by the fall and could see action in the semifinal qualifying round which starts in August.

Obviously, this is a much bigger blow for his club career. Beasley went through some tough times before settling in with Rangers and was faring well for himself. Though he won't be starting from zero once he gets back, he's going to fight another uphill battle to establish himself whenever his knee allows him to play again.


Anonymous said...

I hope he gets a second chance at Rangers. He was playing well for them.

Do you think he's on the decline? Has he peaked?

L.B. said...

honestly, I don't think he's peaked. I think he has a lot to offer still both for club and country. Rangers is a big club and he did well to get himself there and get some playing time. I think the USMNT needs him a lot going forward, not just for his on-the-field skills but for his leadership qualities.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Luis. I don't remember DB leading when we got our a$$es handed to us against Czech Rep in the WC. In the Ghana game he got out played. He shows flashes, but this is not 2002. Has he really improved since 2002? Who get forget the open goals he missed in the Gold cup or even in his lst game.
Tim for some new blood. Arturo Alvarez? Adu? Mapp?

Panza said...

Anon 10:33 is being pretty dumb. DaBeas is playing at the highest level in the Champions League and is integral to the Rangers. To think that he hasn't improved in 5 years in ridiculous. He was perhaps the most consistent player on the USMNT.

Maybe he can spend some time at left back when he returns. I'm sure it'll take a while for him to regain all his speed.

L.B. said...

It always strikes me as amazing when a player like Beasley can get overlooked so easily. Beasley has so much to offer to the US yet fans are quick to dismiss him, as if there is a glut of talented players waiting in the wings.

He had a terrible World Cup and he admitted as much. He's a better player now because of it.

To me, Beasley is still an automatic starter... when healthy of course.

Anonymous said...

I think its great that Rangers took a CHANCE on him. Believe me, he's earned his respect. I was referreing to L.B.'s allusion to Beasely being a leader. That, he is not. Count the games he's worn the captain's armband for anybody. He's fast and can score (usually), but consistent he is not. That's reality.

If he's improved, it's only marginal. Not enough to merit a panic attack for USMNT fans when WC qualifying starts.

JT (Chicago) said...

Tough break for DMB. He really seems to play well in the Champions League when there's a lot on the line. He's been deeper into the Champions League than most other Rangers players, so his experience will be missed.

I think Walter Smith is a pretty loyal manager so DMB will probably get a good shot to return to the lineup next season. At 25, he should have a few more years to play at the top level.

Anon (11/30 11:27am), even as a young player a few years back, Beaser was a leader with the Fire. He commanded respect for his effort, confidence & desire to push the team forward. I think with Bradley now at the helm of the national side, the same sort of role is there for him, even without the captain's armband.