Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Talkety Talk

Sasha Victorine on KC.

Klejestan on KC: We didn’t give them any respect? They sit back and defend the whole time.

Preki on KC: I know we’re a better team.

Marsch on KC: They do way too much talking and not enough playing. They have five or six guys who spent that series talking and talking. We approached this series in an honest way. We wound up losing, but I feel that the better team did not advance.


Anonymous said...

Someone get them a bib and a bottle. WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

glen said...

Lots of talk from Chivas USA, they should have just got the job done somehow if they were the better team as they say they were!

"We approached this series in an honest way"

How did KC approach it? Does he expect KC to just sit back and let them have a shooting gallery until they score!

The better team may have not won, but that's the way it goes. They had their chances and didn't put it away. Period!

A.C. said...

I liked Frank Rijkaard's take on dealing with defensive soccer.

"Messi used the expression 'anti-football' but it's one I don't like because football has many facets and I absolutely accept any team's right to chose the tactics which best suit them. Our need is to score early and open the game up, because I view Rangers as difficult, dangerous opponents."

Beax Speax said...

How can Chivas be 'the better team' if they lost? I've never understood that mentality. Sounds a lot like the Mexican national team after yet another loss to the US.

Siva said...

It's perfectly ok for fans and the media to grumble about "the beautiful game" vs. "anti-football", but it sounds extremely lame, even unprofessional, when players do it. It's even worse when managers do it when they are out-coached strategically (whether it is the Rangers against Barcelona or KC against Chivas USA).

Exactly what is Marsch implying? That KC cheated their way to the Western conf. finals?!

Just for comparison, Chivas only had a 2-1 advantage in shots (16 to KC's 8), while Houston had nearly a 5-1 advantage (24 to Dallas' 5). Dallas had a 2-goal lead at one point, and probably was more defensive. Taking 8 shots, as KC did, doesn't exactly sound like sitting back and defending.