Saturday, November 17, 2007

Chivas beats Chivas

El Rebano Sagrado beat El Rebano del Norte by a 2-1 score in Guadalajara on Saturday.

Sergio Santana and Edgar Solis scored the goals for Chivas while Claudio Suarez scored via a penalty kick for Chivas USA. Alex Zotinca picked up two yellow cards and Chivas USA finished with 10 men.

Here's the lineup for Chivas USA:

Preston Burpo (Sam Reynolds, 78); Alex Zotinca, Bobby Burling, Claudio Suarez (David Paladin, 62), Shaun Higgins (Jorge Flores, 74), Rodrigo Lopez (Erasmo Solorzano, 65), Lawson Vaughn (David Arvizu, 89), John Cunliffe, Francisco Mendoza (Desmond Brooks, 62), Anthony Hamilton (Matt Taylor, 46), Calen Carr.

Chivas, meanwhile, used different lineups per half. Go here for the lineups.

The game was held as a benefit to flood victims in Tabasco.


QJA said...

How was Calen Carr playing for Chivas USA?

L.B. said...

He went as a guest player.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Carr is getting a serious look by Chivas? I mean, we did have more than two forwards for this match. It's not like we were short in back ups.

Zathras said...

How did the Northern Goats stack up against their big brothers? Was the game close or did the PK disguise a more one-sided game?