Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Puzzling situation

Needing just a draw before nearly 90,000 fans at Wembley Stadium, England instead lost to Croatia 3-2 and crashed out of Euro 2008.

For a nation like England to miss out on a tournament of that scale, it is nothing short of catastrophic. But there is no shortage of problems many point the finger at as to what is wrong with England: the FA is rubbish; Steve McClaren is rubbish; the players are rubbish; too many English clubs rely on too many foreigners and thus stunt the growth of England footballers.

Whatever the problems are, the FA has plenty of time on their hands in order to try and solve them. Well, solving those types of ills won't happen overnight so some damage control is in order.

In cast you missed the goals, here is a highlights package followed by the raw scene after the match:

Sorry, no commentary from the goals as they happened. Would have liked to have seen that. Here's the other video:

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JT (Chicago) said...

I heard callers and hosts alike at TalkSport praising Beckham for having the strength of character (and being the only English player)to walk around the ground and applaud the fans for their support.

That FA should crawl on the knees over broken glass to get Jose Mourinho or Capello to take over for the WC qualifying campaign.