Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nemesio's help

For America, the road to the Copa Sudamericana final won't go through Estadio Azteca. Instead, it will have to pass through Toluca's Nemesio Diez.

A religious event apparently has forced a change of venue for America's home leg of the Copa Sudamericana semifinals against Colombian side Millonarios.

The first leg of the series is tonight in Colombia, which has already caused some sort of violence. Apparently groups of fans were enraged that they were unable to get tickets and started some sort of fracas in which police had to intervene.

As for the game itself, America played reserves against Necaxa on Sunday in order to rest its players for today. Here are some probable lineups from

América: Guillermo Ochoa; José Antonio Castro, Duilio Davino, Ricardo Rojas, Oscar Rojas; Germán Villa, Alejandro Argüello, Federico Insúa, Juan Mosqueda; Rodrigo López, Salvador Cabañas.

Of those, only Mosqueda started on Sunday, and America still won, 1-0.

As for the Colombian side's potential lineup:

Millonarios: Eduardo Blandón; Andrés Salinas, Gonzálo Martínez, Andrés Mosquera, Alex Díaz, Ervin González, Rafael Robayo, Gerardo Bedoya, Jonathan Estrada, Ricardo Ciciliano, Carlos Villagra.


El Chueco said...

oh geez, Duilio Davino is on the line-up...He really is not that good anymore and is very slow...

JT (Chicago) said...

I wonder if Osorio and Conde have any bets going with Blanco on this semifinal? Wonder if they were watching the match in some Boston sports bar?