Monday, November 12, 2007

Fan mail, kinda

After reading your article entitled "Gullit a bold choice for the Galaxy," I must admit that my opinion of you has drastically changed. Until this article I considered you a halfway decent writer whose muckraking tendencies ruined any chance of me enjoying the words you put on a page. I first came in contact with your work in late 2005 (I think) when you interviewed Eric Wynalda who said (most likely under the influence of alcohol) that “Bruce Arena has a love affair with Brian McBride" in an article where you and Mr. Wynalda defend the virtues of Taylor Twellman. That article made me think you were out for the quick, easy soccer story, where you can say something controversial and be rewarded for your emboldened opinions. But your most recent article has convinced me
that your polarizing write-ups are more than just random blabberings from an emotional fan. Your understanding of the state of soccer in this country exceeds the average reporter, and I look forward to reading!
your next article.

Thanks! I would like to note, however, that it's possible that I can find Wynalda's viewpoints interesting without actually sharing them. I also don't believe Eric was under any influence when he was talking to me, but I really don't know, because I interviewed him over the phone.


diane said...

This guy(?) must be more of a fan of yours than he admits if he remembers the very first article of yours he read two years ago ;-) .

A.C. said...

His memory is off by a bit - I wrote that article in early 2006, back when Twellman was contending for a World Cup spot.
He didn't get it, of course.