Wednesday, November 7, 2007

America over Millonarios

America took the first leg of their Copa Sudamericana series against Millonarios by 3-2 in Colombia.

Now, America needs just a draw in the return leg next week to advance to the final, which would be their first-ever in a South American cup tournament.

America has a league match on the weekend - a Saturday date in Monterrey - so the club will be quite busy in the coming days and weeks. Trying to play in both tournaments might be costly - it might knock the club out from both. But if America focuses on one tourney, they may have a shot of winning it at the expense of the other.

The domestic campaign is not a strong one, though America has a foot in the repechaje, or wild-card, stage. Going for domestic glory is always a must. However, if international success is within reach, it might not be a bad idea to go full guns blazing in that tourney either.

America has the roster to field strong teams in both tournaments. Playing the same 11 could eventually catch up to las Aguilas.

It's a quandary new coach Daniel "Ruso" Brailovsky must face. It may be best if Ruso plays his top players in Sudamericana and uses a mix of backups and those who can get away with playing every 3-4 days (Memo Ochoa, Juan Carlos Mosqueda) in league.


Daniel said...

Don't count Millos out yet. They have two "goles de visitante" in hand. If Millos goes up, América is in trouble.

Kudos are due Fox Sports en Español for the terrific and unique coverage throughout the tournament.

El Chueco said...

who is to blame for the second Millonarios goal?....that's right....Duilio Davino!!

Anonymous said...

the game was in colombia so NO on "goles de visitante"