Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stocking rosters

Now, this isn't what I think Frank Yallop would or should do. This is what I came up with when trying to figure out a 10-man list. And I tried to stay away from Jaime Cardenas' 10, which follow mine, just because I want to compare our teams so he could see that my time wasting was better spent than his.

LB's list

G Kevin Hartman - Kansas City

D Kelly Gray - Galaxy
D Jason Hernandez - Chivas
D Mike Petke - Colorado
D Chris Gbandi - FC Dallas

M Corey Ashe - Houston
M Andy Dorman - New England
M Joe Vide - New York
M Diego Gutierrez - Chicago

F Andy Herron - Columbus

Jaime's list

1- Brian Carroll (D.C. United)
2- Josh Tudela (Galaxy)
3- Clerance Goodson (F.C. Dallas)
4- Ryan Cochrane (Houston)
5- Preston Burpo (Chivas USA)
6- Connor Casey (Colorado)
7- Chris Pozniak (Toronto FC)
8- Ned Grabavoy (Columbus)
9- John Wolyniec (New York)
10- Chris Loftus (New England)

Okay, now getting back to Frank Yallop...

I think he'll take Pat Onstad as his goalkeeper. He obviously can't get Joe Cannon and went to Onstad the last time that happened, and it worked out well for him.

Perhaps we'll see him go after Kevin Harmse as well because Frank brought Harmse in himself.

I wouldn't be surprised if he took Laurent Merlin from Chivas. Frank didn't seem like he wanted to have parted ways with Merlin, that it was just a numbers game, so he might be willing to give the Frenchman a shot at San Jose.

Really, though, the pickings are slim. Some teams have some good players to choose from (Houston, Kansas City, Chivas, Galaxy) but some don't (DC, Chicago, RSL, Toronto) and you can only take one player away from each team, so that's that.


Anonymous said...

I also wouldn't be surprised if Yallop takes a Canadian from Toronto, possibly Pozniak.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I'm surprised that neither list has Andrew Boyens. He has a lot more upside than Pozniak.

I'ts also possible that Yallop will take Ramon Nunez because he'll need an experienced MLS midfielder who has some speed and scoring ability (note the word "some:)

Marmaduke said...

I'm not sure I'd agree that Houston's pickings are any better than those offered by DC. After Onstad who is great (but 40ish), you have Cochrane and Waibel whose biggest assets are that they work very well with Onstad, Robinson and Barrett. Ashe and Wondolowski have gotten little playing time in Kinnear's system and haven't done much with it.

DC has a much deeper unit. I'd take Gros, Carroll, or Vanney over any of the field players in Houston's list. Plus there are a lot of young players on the DC list who have seen minutes and looked pretty good (Deroux, Dyachenko, Moose, Kpene)

On the other hand, Yallop knows some of the Houston guys from his time with San Jose. Plus he only gets one from each, so the depth doesn't matter as long a he can find one he wants.

FC Uptown said...

How do the dollars work out? Isn't that the real question?

Samantha said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who took Joe Vide from NY. I think he's cheap and a good worker. You can't go wrong there.

Anonymous said...

Josh Gros won't be chosen as he will likely retire this off season according to Steven Goff.

Jaime Cárdenas said...
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siva said...

here's another take:

chivas: Nunez (and why not Guevara?)
chicago: Gutierrez
colorado: none
columbus: Grabavoy
dallas: Alex Yi
dc united: Walker
houston: Cochrane
wizards: Burciaga
galaxy: Cronin (GK)
revolution: John
new york: Goldthwaite
rsl: none
toronto: none