Monday, November 26, 2007

Presto change-o

I was mildly relieved that Preston Burpo was not snatched up by San Jose in last week's expansion draft. Now, I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why Chivas was so quick to ship him out of town.

Preston Burpo is now with San Jose after the expansion team dealt its fourth-round SuperDraft pick next year to Chivas in exchange for the 35-year-old goalkeeper. With Brad Guzan linked to a move abroad, it seemed like Burpo was a valuable player to keep around. Now, if Guzan does make a move to Europe, Justin Myers and Sam Reynolds are next in line to play the position.

Surely Burpo is more valuable than a fourth-rounder. Chivas struck gold in 2006 when taking Jonathan Bornstein in the fourth round but more often than not fourth-round picks struggle for playing time and are non-factors with their teams.

Either Chivas is certain that Brad Guzan is not going anywhere next year or they have other plans to fill the goalkeeping position.

As far as San Jose goes, now Frank Yallop need not worry about a starting goalkeeper. Burpo is a solid goalie and will provide some grit back there. He knows Jason Hernandez and will have an instant connection with one of his central defenders. And Yallop can go out and get a young goalkeeper and groom him if he pleases or he could choose to focus his attention on other positions. Another upshot is that Burpo used to play for Seattle for so long the Sounders might be interested in bringing him back when they join MLS in 2009 and might give up more than the fourth-rounder San Jose did to get Burpo from Chivas. Yeah, Kasey Keller and Seattle have been linked for years but Burpo nonetheless was a popular Sounder for many years.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Preki was involved in htis trade. He might be distracted at the moment trying to increase his salary.

Anonymous said...

They better hope Guzan does not leave. You don't want your starter on opening day to be a third stringer with only reserve team experience.

JDJ said...

I think you're exactly right about the value of Burpo. It really sounds like Chivas got the raw end of the deal by only receiving a fourth round pick, expecially considering San Jose's need for a goalkeeper.

Anonymous said...

Burpo's 35 and doesn't play regularly. What did you expect a 2nd or 3rd round pick?

CUSA needs back up Guzan. IF Guzano doesn't leave, then we're in deep s***.

JDJ said...

He is 35 and doesn't play regularly, but he does have some natural athleticism that will keep him at the level of an MLS starter for at least another 2 years.

As far as his value, maybe not a 2nd round pick, but a 4th plus a supplemental wouldn't be bad, because, as you've pointed out, despite his backup status he was valuable to the team because of the situations of the goalkeepers above and below him in the pecking order. If Guzan leaves, CUSA could be in a scramble to find another goalkeeper which is why it would make sense to either keep Burpo or get a little more for trading him that could be used in the future acquisition of another goalkeeper fit to step in and play.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Here's an idea: If Guzan leaves, try to bring Kasey Keller back.

siva said...

I found it surprising that Yallop didn't pick Steve Cronin, who was also available -- he has tremendous upside (a potential "franchise" keeper), he has experience with the National team at the U-2x level, and was a very hot prospect coming out of Santa Clara.

Picking Burpo is like buying a band-aid; Chivas USA picked Guzan in their inaugural season, and it has worked out tremendously for them.