Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Otra doble jornada

So much for the Bay Area InterLiga matches.

The two Northern California matchdays were moved to Texas and SoCal respectively.

As far as my neck of the woods goes, we'll get InterLiga doubleheaders on Jan. 8 and Jan. 9 as well as the finals on Jan. 12.

On the 8th - the matches originally slated for NoCal - we'll see Monterrey and San Luis and Pumas take on Cruz Azul. It's okay to show up late but do get there for the start of Pumas-Cruz Azul. That's quite an attractive matchup.

Then on the 9th we'll get Morelia-Toluca followed by America-Atlas. Please show up on time for this day.

The finals will be on the 12th and with any luck we'll get either America-Pumas or America-Cruz Azul. Of course, Cruz Azul commonly tanks in this tournament so the former matchup is more likely.

I know many of the players don't care much for InterLiga and some think it's a silly tournament but if I wasn't covering these games, I'd probably buy tickets for them even though I don't support any of those teams.

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