Thursday, November 15, 2007

No support

Pachuca has regularly played in front of raucous crowds during their magical year-plus run in Mexico. On Wednesday, los Tuzos set out in search of yet another title.

A couple of things happened, though, that haven't happened often.

Pachuca lost to Cruz Azul 2-0 and is now on the brink of elimination. Only a complete turnaround in Estadio Azul on Saturday will prevent Pachuca from crashing out of the Apertura 2007 season.

Perhaps more rare: the attendance for Wednesday's repechaje game was zero.

Following the regular-season finale against Pumas, Pachuca supporters threw objects at the officials. At least one object made contact with an official, and the result was a ban for one match. Supporters were banned from a playoff game and Pachuca lost.

Check out some pictures from the game in this gallery here, including shots of the empty stadium. Seems kinda strange.

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The Hammer said...

I think Pachuca made a mistake in trying to keep the same team. They "fell in love with their own baby" and failed to see some of the problems with certain players.

Despite his talent, I don't expect to see Alvarez returning in February, and I expect Manzur, Rey and Marquez to be on the way out as well.