Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chicago- NE running blog

OK, I'm picking it up now. Sorry, was busy earlier.

33 - Blanco freekick. It's a bit far out and doesn't trouble Reis much.
35- Twellman gets a foul - he wants yellow, doesn't get it.
37- This is a fast-paced game so far. Back and forth. Wanchope missed the best chance earlier. The field looks cold. Believe it or not, it's not very warm in Los Angeles right now, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to New England. Kevin Stott with a late call on Jeff Lawrentowitz.
38- GOAL! Taylor Twellman! FOR FREAKING REAL. For once, it's not a toe-poke or a header. He bicycle-kicks it into the goal. Sweet stuff.
40- Wynalda complains about "dangerous play". MLS should be more dangerous.
41- If history holds true, that's the only goal New England should need. On the other hand, those Chicago teams of the past didn't have Cuauhtemoc Blanco.
44- Rolfe doesn't look the same since that earlier hit.
45- Juan Carlos Osorio looks grim on the sidelines. It's a bit early for the gloom, I think. Barret tries to head a pass in the box, but Reis corrals it.
45+ Twellman in the box, but he doesn't really shake free from his defender and his sliding kick is wide.
2nd Half
Attendance looks decent, but I'm sure it's freezing, so I think perhaps 11,000.
50- Blanco complaining about a non-call. He doesn't look happy in the cold weather of New England.
51- CK for Fire. Blanco's nose is red. CK gets cleared.
55- Barrett with an outside shot, Reis smothers. Going the other way, Noonan puts it over the bar.
66- Barrett, Wanchope miscommunication in the box led to a weak header.
68- Twellman with a chip attempt, but Matt Pickens is tall. On the other end, Wanchope's header is over the bar.
70- Conde is yelling at the ref. He's pissed.
72- Khano Smith's speed giving Logan Pause problems.
74- Wynalda is calling for a sub - I'm wondering where Calen Carr is myself. Oooh, Segares from outside. Surprised Reis, but he catches it.
75- NE fans wanted a handball there.
80- Twellman down in the box. He wants a call. He isn't going to get it.
82- Chicago is frustrated. I'm frustrated. Where are the subs? Oh, here comes James Riley.
84- Noonan in the box - but Pickens saves his shot.
85- Rolfe long shot - almost! Reis touches it for a corner, but NE clears. Adam Cristman is on for Pat Noonan.
90+ Chicago is out of time. NE holds the ball well. Reis had one last save to keep the result.


Anonymous said...

What does attendance look like?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andrea!

glen said...

My thoughts on the game:

1. Attendance didn't look real good, the Rev's need their soccer specific stadium.
2. the Fire not really connecting up top and looking sloppy at times. 3. Twellman had a very nice bicycle kick goal which turned out to be the only goal in the game.
4. the referee really stayed out of the game when he should have made some calls and given out some yellow cards.

o/a fun game for the most part!

RobbyRevsFan said...

I agree that attendance didn't look good, and would much prefer a soccer-specific stadium closer to Boston. However:

It was about 19 degrees out there.

It was a school night (and Gillette is about a 40 minute drive from town).

JT (Chicago) said...

Yep, it looked very uncomfortable out there so kudos to the 10,000 who made some noise and generated enthusiasm - including the Fire supporters.

As Glen said, the Fire didn't connect at top with Wanchope and Barrett never getting off shots to bother or test Reis.

Looks like Nicol has NE playing solid defensively so a battle against Houston will be a real test of wills.