Thursday, November 1, 2007


I feel partly to blame for DC's spectacular crash-and-burn from the 2007 MLS playoffs. I've been terrible with my picks since a bad day in Las Vegas on Oct. 13 and I gave DC United my kiss of death.

I will abstain from making any more picks during this postseason to save further fans from premature heartache.

However, I do like South Florida to cover 4 1/2 at home against Cincinnati, South Carolina to win straight up in Arkansas and Arizona State to beat Oregon in the game of the day on Saturday. Take that to the bank.


JT (Chicago) said...

Thank you LB. Thank You...(repeat 998 times).

Samantha said...

Unless your name is Bobby Boswell you don't need to apologize to the DC fans about this game.

Anonymous said...

Like I said yesterday...

Playoffs weed out paper champions. There's no way in hell a "good" team can win the Supporter's Shield 2 years in a row and go out in the first round of the playoffs to the last place team.

Has anybody else noticed that DC loses when it really matters?

06 MLS Playoffs
L - vs. Chicago

07 US Open Cup
L - Harrisburg

07 Superliga Semifinals
L - vs. Los Angeles

07 Copa Sudamericana Round of 16
L - vs. CD Guadalajara

07 MLS Playoffs
L - Chicago

I'm sure they've found a formula that gives them regularity in the regular season, but you've got to believe that even in a normal season format, if it came down to a final match [kinda like Chicago vs. LA] DC United would choke and lose.

Playoffs: You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

DC didn't play Chicago last year in the playoffs. They beat Red Bull and lost to Revs. They lost to Chicago in 05.

Anonymous said...

Well LB: I have never had nothing but praise for you but....

I have to say your an absolute moronic idiot to pick ASU over the Oregon Ducks.

First, examine the facts. Autzen stadium was 127.8 decibels loud last saturday vs. USC, a guinees record for stadiums. My ears still are ringing and I am not exaggerating, I think I am going deaf, I feel pulsaing rings every few minutes.

Look at the weapons on Oregon's offense, and tell me who has stopped them once this year, just once...Nope, didn't happen, they are explosive. Were it not for a lucky fumble into the endzone the Ducks would be #1, hands down.

I have attended thousands of matches in all kinds of sport. The real football is soccer but Oregon Duck Football is an experience to behold. Do yourself a favor and visit Autzen, the loudest stadium hands down, it's a complete zoo. Fans are extremely ridiculous and passionate bordering on classless.

Honestly, it boggles the mind that ASU is a 7 point underdog. I would take the Ducks with a 17 spot. Look at the stats. 55 points and 400 rushing yards are normal.


L.B. said...

ASU's a team of destiny, or something. It's their year. Mark it down!

Sports Betting Man said...

Love the running commentary - thanks. Yes it appears that DC do lose when it really matters, a question of bottle maybe? and a lack of it?

briguy said...

What an incredible game last night. I thought for sure we were headed for extra time and pk's--just felt that DC was somehow going to even up the aggregate, but that Chicago would still pull it out in the end.

Regarding your pick of ASU over Oregon, I'm hopeful that this is more strategic jinxing on your end (i.e., your insinuation that ASU is a lock is somehow reverse psychology for an Oregon win).

As a UO alum, and former walk-on with the Ducks, I take gameday very seriously (much to the dismay of my family). ASU is good, it will be a dogfight, but Autzen is good for 3 points and/or a turnover, and that will be enough for the win.

Oregon is the team of destiny this year. It's finally time to correct the cosmic balance, to make up for the ridiculous BCS snub of Oregon back in 2001. It's the first time that we've got a legitimate shot to make the NC game, and win a Heisman.


East River said...

Soehn doesn't do well with his tactics during a game. Osorio was just the better tactican and just flat out out coached Soehn. Bad enough people blamed Erpen for the defensive lapes in at the start of the season. But it became clear after Erpen was shipped out that Boswell was part of the problem as well and yet Soehn still starts the guy in yesterday's game. Not shocking that Boswell was involved in both of the goals the Fire scored yesterday, the guy play poorly to average all season.

Also whats with DC playing the long ball? I thought they were surpose to be a "latin" style team who kept the ball on the ground, instead they tried to have their wingers swap sides...thats not nearly enough! Chicago changed its tactics going in and threw DC off and it wasn't until Chicago took Barrett and Blanco out that DC could turn it on. I still question Soehn's decision to play Moreno in their season final. Not only did he get hurt but he needed the rest as he was coming off of a WC qualifying tour. Hopefully Soehn will learn valuable leasons from the last few weeks, as he is a first year coach, so I'll cut him some slack. Osorio looked like a guy exposed to a lot more ideas and creativity. I don't know what he is writing on that notepad of his but he clearly studies the game.

L.B. said...

My prognosticating skills apparently carry over into college football: second quarter score, Cincinnati 31, south Florida 17.

briguy said...

Thank you, Luis! I'd now like to request that you pick against Oregon for the remainder of the year...