Monday, November 5, 2007

One more year

Good news for Chivas USA fans: Claudio Suarez said he wants to play one more year.

Bad news: He is uncertain if it will be in MLS.

Seems that Suarez has three standing offers to return to Mexico. He wouldn't divulge what clubs but said that he's mulling the offers.

It will come down to economics for Suarez. He said if he's in Chivas USA's plans and the front office wants him back, he'd be glad to play in MLS. But he could also stand to earn more money in Mexico, and money down there goes a lot further than money in Southern California, especially when you have a wife and children.

Suarez's contract is up so he has the freedom to negotiate terms.


Joel Aceves said...

If I remember correctly Suarez boots were all but hanged in Tigres.. Ironically enough the same club were "Loquito" Garcia is now rotting away.

L.B. said...

I thought Suarez was done in 2005, and that call-up to El Tri he got in December was like a testimonial.

Apparently, I was wrong. And now some teams in Mexico agree.

He could definitely play in Mexico again. No question.

Joel Aceves said...

I thought one of the main reasons Suarez joined CDCUSA was because no MFL team wanted him. Perhaps Veracruz is willing to take him in, lol.