Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On second thought

Unlike most national teams around the world, Mexico does not play a game this weekend. The Mexican federation decided long ago that it would be best to allow the end of the season to play out with club rosters undisturbed during a crucial time of the Mexican domestic campaign.

I figured I'd look at the rosters of the eight teams whose seasons ended last weekend and try to piece together a roster.

Yeah, not so much.

At goalie, you'd have Jose de Jesus Corona, the lone bright spot on a lousy Tecos team. Monterrey's Jonathan Orozco has been called up recently as well so he'd be a go.

Defensively, uh, well, there's Omar Hernandez from Necaxa.

Jorge Hernandez from Atlas and Manuel Perez from Monterrey might make up part of the midfield and Tigres' Emmanuel Cerda would be an option up top.

But otherwise there's not much from the eight ousted clubs to put together a roster. I guess that's why those teams are terrible. Of course, it's an international date so the European contingent would be available but domestically, the pickings would be slim.

Any suggestions for a domestic Tri team from the eliminated eight?


JT (Chicago) said...

This is a tough one LB. Without the European based players and a recall for Blanco, I don't think we could get a full squad.

Martin said...

It would definitely be a weakened team but how about this for a starting XI from the eliminated teams:

GK: Jesus Corona (Tecos)
RB: Severo Meza (Monterrey)
CB: Luis Omar Hernandez (Necaxa)
CB: Melvin Brown (Jaguares)
LB: Mario Perez (Necaxa)
RW: Juan Carlos Medina (Atlas)
MF: Jorge Hernandez Atlas)
MF: Luis Perez (Monterrey)
LW: Luis Omar Sandoval (Veracruz)
FW: Adolfo Bautista (Jaguares)
FW: Kikin Fonseca (Tigres)

GK: Omar Ortiz (Jaguares)

DEF:Hassan Viades (Necaxa), Hector Altamirano (Tecos)

MF: Manuel Perez (Monterrey), Javier Saavedra (Tigres), Jaime Lozano (Tigres), Emmanuel Cerda (Tigres), Angel Reyna (Necaxa)

FW: Carlos Ochoa (Monterrey), Aaron Padilla (Atlas)

It would be far from the best Mexico has to offer but there are a few players there who Hugo Sanchez may still use in the near future.

L.B. said...

Not bad, Martin. Some of those guys have fallen off Hugo's radar but in terms of talent and the ability of playing at a high level, I think those players have that. Well, a lot of them.