Thursday, November 1, 2007

None for the show

Anyone wanting to watch the Houston-FC Dallas playoff game on Friday will have to get to Robertson Stadium in order to watch it. The game won't be shown nationally nor was it picked up locally.

This can be used as an argument for either eliminating the two-leg semifinal round - or this round altogether - or against Friday night playoff games. I think it's still high school football season in Texas, and that's quite popular there. Don't know if that affected the television deal or not, but regardless, it's a shame the defending champs' home playoff game won't be on TV.

Let's hope that someone has some sort of recording device or something so we can see the goals. With our luck, this game will go down as one of the best games of the year.

ADD: According to FC Dallas' web site, the game will be on channel 52 which I'm assuming is a Dallas TV station. So we won't rely on some grainy video apparently to show us the game. But Houston-area fans are S.O.L.


Matt L said...

Get the USL equipment out there and someone broadcast it on the web.

It is stuff like this that makes Major League Soccer seem second class.

Anonymous said...

The article implies no local tv in houston.

It's on the direct kick schedule which makes me wonder if there is a Dallas broadcast.

brucio said...

the game is definitely available via the direct kick package

El Chueco said...

It should also be available through

FC Uptown said...

I believe it was scheduled on Friday because of the UH football game in the stadium on Saturday - which takes precedent. Just another reason why Houston should get a stadium whenever they decide to put down some real roots after two years. I believe it will be on and DirectKick. Now, can you buy DirectKick for one game, that is the question?