Thursday, November 1, 2007

Memo to ManU?

Guillermo "Memo" Ochoa has been linked to Manchester United for some time now. Last season, ManU scouts were reportedly in attendance at one or more of Ochoa's league games.

This is the latest affirmation of that rumor, courtesy of Esto. According to the report, ManU offered 10 million Euros for Ochoa's services. Not sure if that's accurate, though, Euros or pounds or dollars or pesos... well, it wouldn't be pesos! But whatever the case, the asking price is probably going to be steep.

Can you imagine Manchester United-Arsenal with Memo Ochoa in one goal and Brad Guzan in the other?


El Chueco said...

The article said the offer was in Euros...

Anonymous said...

I think he's ready for Europe. However, he's a bit slight for the EPL in my opinion.
I fear that he plays a Carling Cup game and breaks his ribs going against another player. SAF loses interest and next thing you know he's in Portugal on the bench for Benfica.
He's better suited for Serie A or La Liga.
Just my 2 cents.

L.B. said...

Yeah, but the Euro is not in use in England, so why would they offer Euros? It's probably pounds, my guess.

Doesn't matter, really. That Man U is interested in him is pretty significant. Good to see an English club like Man U scouting young Mexican players.

Matt said...

Would Memo qualify for a UK work permit? (played in 75% of Mexico's competitive matches over the last two years)

I guess if he doesn't, he would probably get one on appeal, as the big clubs usually get what they want.

L.B. said...

Memo hasn't played in 75 percent of Mexico's games in 2006 and 2007.

He was on Mexico's 2006 World Cup roster but only got his first start in February of this year. He had one cap before that point, a 2005 friendly against Hungary in which he played the second half.

He's got to have played in at least 12-15 Mexico games this year and they've played I think 23 or so, but that percentage drops significantly when you factor in his 0-for-12 performances in 2006.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think he is the best young keeper in the entire world. I've yet to see this dispelled.

His reflexes are extraordinary and his positioning is superb. Some of the saves he makes are incomprehensible and you can count on 2-3 of those per game at the minimum. Club America is very luck to have him, particularly in light of their slow, old and rickety center backs and weak marking outside backs.

Man United would be a perfect fit for him. He seems to fit the pretty boy look of the top English clubs and his skills are off the charts. He would be a rockstar for United.

I actually think 10 million euros or pounds is a steal for him. I would ask double. He will easily save a team from 10 losses a season.


East River said...

10 million pounds is in US dollars about $20 million. Unless Memo is waiting for Real Madrid, Baca, either of the Milans, or Juve to bid on him, how could he pass up ManU?

Anonymous said...

Oh Snap! Ochoa possibly at Man U and Guzan possibly at Arsenal! North American keepers are taking over the EPL!

Soledad said...

I desperately want him in La Liga or Serie A in a pinch (solely for my viewing pleasure) ... but I've learned my lesson with Nery.

No I haven't.

Ochoa MUST go to a top tier team in La Liga.

JT (Chicago) said...

ManUre? I thought he was going to Arsenal to star with Carlos Vela?

Anonymous said...

$20 million dollars for a keeper i doubt it. it must be euros.