Sunday, November 4, 2007

Kerry to explain?

I wanted to ask Eddie Johnson about the end of the game, but I didn't have a lot of time in the Kansas City locker room. EJ was still in the shower, so I asked Kerry Zavagnin about it instead.

"He wears his feelings on his sleeve. He cares about this team and the game. I believe that he was really upset about the comments that were said about this team from the other locker room during the week. We didn’t get a lot of respect from them in the last game. Before the series they were talking about how we weren’t a good team defensively. We think these two shutouts answer the questions of what we’re capable of."


Anonymous said...

oh give me a break EJ (and zavagnin), bunkering down 11 men since the 1st goal in the 1st half of the 1st game is not great defense. its admitting that you cant score a legit goal and hoping for the best.

it pains me to think that KC actually thinks they're good. they were dominated.

kcfaithful said...

oh now you can give us a break. The goats can't score a goal, of any kind, in 180 min and you criticize KC?? You are just like your coach and players - no class.

And for the record the season series ended with 2 KC wins, 1 goat win and 1 draw. How do you like them apples?