Monday, November 5, 2007

Frank on Friday

Here's the little sound clip of when I talked to Frank on Friday.

(I'm out of breath because I'm in poor shape and there was some construction on nearby roads that held me up on the drive to practice, so I had to run to get to the practice before everyone left. When Frank started to talk to me, Landon Donovan was leaving, which left me torn, because I wanted to interview him, too. Landon agreed to wait, so I asked Frank one last question.)

It didn't sound to me like Frank was planning to leave the Galaxy then, but everyone knows what a difference a day makes.

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Toddzilla said...

Seems like a good guy and many have said that he's a good coach - it's nice to see him stay in the league. I read that you don't think that the league will add a second DP for everyone - what do you think this means regarding Landon?

Also, curious as to your thoughts about whether Lalas keeps his job...