Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ever-changing Fire

It's amazing how much the Chicago Fire has changed from one year to the next. I don't cover the Fire obviously so I don't keep as close tabs on them as I do the local SoCal teams, but the turnover at Chicago is substantial.

Chicago Trib writer Luis Arroyave took a look at last year's Fire team and this year's Fire team. At first, I thought there wouldn't be that much difference but it's nearly a complete overhaul the club has gone through.

The Fire may very well pull off the first-round upset, unlike last year's team that lost the return leg to New England by 2-1 and then bowed out in PKs. Still, regardless of what happens tonight, this Fire team is a dependable forward or two away from competing for the Supporters' Shield in 2008.

And here's another tidbit from Arroyave about Blanco's frustration with fouls.

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