Monday, November 5, 2007

Advance planning

Frank Yallop is gone and rumors are swirling that Steve McClaren will take over. The England coach was at Home Depot Center on Sunday presumable to scout David Beckham and gauge his fitness.

Still, if I had to speculate over a possible replacement, I'd hitch my wagon on Jurgen Klinsmann. The OC resident was spotted at Home Depot Center on multiple occasions this summer.

The Galaxy has a rich tradition of winning, but another tradition the club has is talking to future coaches while other coaches are still employed. Frank Yallop first met with the Galaxy in 2005, before the Galaxy's miracle postseason run that kept Steve Sampson around for the start of the 2006 season.

And Sampson's own hiring was rather questionable. Sigi Schmid was seemingly on solid footing until the club tied Columbus 0-0 and then Schmid was blindsided by the sacking. The next day the club suddenly hired Sampson. You don't bring in a coach like Sampson overnight. Naming an interim coach followed by a search for a coach would have been the norm, especially in the middle of the season.

And a fellow Galaxy writer recently told me, when I mentioned this topic, that the Galaxy met with Sigi while Octavio Zambrano held the job.

If Klinsi is hired, perhaps the Galaxy should change their motto to "Getting Our Ducks in a Row Since 1999."

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FC Uptown said...

Come on AC, start spilling the beans!!! You know the next coach already.