Thursday, February 15, 2007

Weird circumstances

In the Bob Bradley press conference call following the Copa America announcement, Mark Zeigler of the San Diego Union Tribune asked Bob Bradley straight out if his interim status had changed in any way, noting that the national team's press officer had introduced him as the "US coach".

Bradley paused a little awkwardly before comfirming that his status was the same as ever.

I asked the question about what Bradley thought of Argentina and got a very detailed response about the squad's merits and what the U.S. will have to do to counteract that. It's just strange to think that Bradley might not be around to actually put that plan into place.

It's got to affect the players as well, too, wondering if everything they're learned and focused on under Bradley is going to be tossed out the window if and when another coach comes along.

Even just writing about Bradley, it's a hassle to keep putting "interim" everywhere to be strictly accurate. He's the coach for now, and the same could probably be said of many coaches. Like for example, if Hugo Sanchez keeps losing.


zilla said...

Interesting...earlier today I listened to the press conference podcast that US Soccer posted, and unless I completely missed it, they edited out Mark Zeigler's question.

A.C. said...

I guess they did. But trust me, it was there. He did ask two questions, though, so perhaps his second one got on there.
Of course, some of the editing is just to get rid of the awkward phone stuff, the "Are you there?" "Go ahead, Andrea." "Can you hear me?" "Yes. Your question was?"

The ones that make everybody groan on their end of the phone line is when someone joins the conference call late and asks the exact same question someone else already did.

Gene said...

After the World Cup, I was one of the people demanding hiring of a foreign coach, more meainigful competitions (Copa America, may be Copa Libertadores), etc. However, since Klinsmann hiring was fucked up (not necessary by U.S. Soccer, to be fair), I just don't know who else is out there.

Hiddink and Otto Rehagel (the guy who coached Greece in Euro 04) would have been good, but Hiddink is under contract and I don't see them interested in Rehagel. Carlos Quiros, may be? I wonder if you folks hear anything new on that front?

But if they cannot find anyone good by April-early May, I'd give Bradley the job. I think he has the right ideas. To the extent he still deems Gold Cup to be more important than Copa America, I suspect that's US Soccer's view more than his own. I could be wrong.