Thursday, February 15, 2007

U-23s vs Chivas USA

The U.S. Under-23s will scrimmage against Chivas USA today as Bob Bradley and Preki meet for the first time as opposing coaches. Yes, it's just a scrimmage (I don't even think this has "friendly" status) so they won't exactly be sending out teams vying for a cup or anything but this game will have some intrigue.

Guys on both sides will be fighting for spots. The young guys will be trying to catch Bob's eye and get a trip to China in 08 (because Bob is after all the full-time U-23 coach) while guys on Chivas' side will be fighting for starting spots and jobs.


Anonymous said...

LB or AC, can you clarify with someone in the USSF if the U23's will participate in the Pan Am games?

L.B. said...

Thanks for the input. I'll ask Bob about the U23s schedule this year and if the Pan Am games are on it.