Saturday, February 17, 2007

Radio Daze

I completely forgot to mention this blog during my radio interview. Oh, well, I guess it will stay a secret known only to us - and the people of Azerbaijan.

Actually, I guess I also didn't mention MLSnet en espaƱol,, Futbol Mundial USA and, who I also write for at times.

It makes it a little tricky, freelancing, because you're supposed to declare your affiliation at press conferences and the like, which in my case, could sound like, "Andrea Canales - LA Soccer News, but if your answer is really good, I might get an article out of it as well."

Of course, I don't say that. I just usually pick one. Since I keep naming a different media outlet depending on what I'm covering, it confuses press officers a bit, though. Recently, I was introduced by one to a player for an interview.

"This is Andrea Canales. She gets around."

I shot him a look.

"I mean, she writes! For a lot of different places."

It improved only slightly the latest time.

"This is Andrea Canales. She's with - she wears many hats."

It so happened I was wearing a baseball cap, since it was really sunny that day. I figure Patrick Ianni now thinks that I have some huge collection, or something.


L.B. said...

Hey, that was good! But why did they have to talk so much about the SI swimsuit magazine? I wanted to hear more Andrea Canales.

A.C. said...

I did remember to mention you!

L.B. said...

Holy crap! I jumped in on the second part of the interview and thought that was the whole thing!

Yes, you did mention me :) I'm flattered.

A.C. said...

I look at the big picture with the whole swimsuit issue thing. If it appeals to guys and makes them buy a ton of that one issue, which then makes SI a whole bundle of money so they can continue to pay you and Grant Wahl to write about soccer, it's all good.