Saturday, February 3, 2007

More bad than good

If league play counts for anything on Wednesday, the U.S. might already have an edge over Mexico. Of the 14 players who saw action on Saturday, only a handful played well.

Here's a breakdown to go along with the story.

Gerardo Galindo and Jared Borgetti each scored a goal. Joaquin Beltran anchored a backline that gave up zero goals. Gerardo Torrado also did well for himself despite a yellow.

Jaime Lozano, Kikin Fonseca, all the Chivas players except for Bofo Bautista, Oswaldo Sanchez had more bad than good. The Chivas loss is particularly disturbing. Losing on a late goal like they did can have negative affects on the players heading into their national team duty.

Bofo was pretty terrible. Considering how well he's played since the middle of last year, Saturday's performance was terrible. I thought he would have started given his recent form but he might have played his way off the starting lineup.

Rafael Marquez, Pavelo Pardo, Ricardo Osorio, Nery Castillo, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Guillermo Ochoa, Israel Castro, Sergio Bernal, Andres Guardado will all play on Sunday.

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