Saturday, February 3, 2007

Hispanics ignore football

No, not that one. The other one. At least according to the New York Times. I kind of wish Don Garber hadn't been so optimistic about the NFL's chances here. It'd be kind of funny to have an MLS bigwig say, "Yeah, American football has really dropped the ball here, but MLS has picked it up and run with it all the way to the bank."

Thing is, not even every MLS team has a site in Spanish. The Galaxy don't. The PR department was working on one for this year, but then the Beckham signing knocked them for a loop, and now I don't know where they're at with that project.

Real Salt Lake, of all places, had one right from the start.


David Keyes said...

Thanks for the tip on the MLS site in Spanish. I just learned a new word: emelesero. It took we a while to figure out that it was "MLSer" pronounced phonetically in Spanish.

David Keyes said...

Kind of old now, but I forgot to mention to you guys that I wrote on my blog about this issue, citing this post in the process. If you're interested: